Divella since 1890

Divella S.p.A in Italy has produced durum wheat semolina pasta for over 120 years. In 1890, Francesco Divella built his first wheat mill in Rutigliano in the South East of Italy, at the heart of the Apulian plains, renowned for having the best durum wheat in the country.

The company has always aimed to provide customers with superior quality products; a priority which involves all production phases and continual technological advancement. Tradition, experience and technology are crucial ingredients in delivering Divella’s delicious pastas. Acclaimed worldwide, steadily increasing sales provide additional proof that consumers appreciate Divella products and their excellent value for money.

Quality is delivered through raw material selection, alongside scrupulous production and packing methods. The strictest requirements are met in terms of hygiene and sanitation to guarantee 100% food safety. Divella further enhances customer satisfaction through recognised accreditations like ISO 9001:2008 Quality System and Respect for the Environment: UNI EN ISO 14001:200.

Three modern factories in Rutigliano and Noicattaro mill 1200 tonnes of durum wheat to produce Divella wheat semolina and 400 tonnes of soft wheat for flour. Divella produces 900 tonnes of dry pasta, 35 tonnes of fresh pasta and 60 tonnes of biscuits.

Divella’s pasta range is all encompassing. It includes spaghetti, rigatoni, orecchiette, egg pasta, bronze-extruded pasta (al Bronzo), whole-wheat pasta and pasta with added dehydrated vegetables (chilli-pepper, garlic & basil, tomato & spinach). The range has over 150 shapes to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. Divella also offers a complete range of tomato products to complement our pastas: tinned peeled tomatoes, tomato passata, diced tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sliced tomatoes, sauces and crushed tomatoes. These are typical of the very best in traditional Italian cuisine.

Eating should be one of life’s true pleasures and this means consuming products which guarantee a healthy, balanced diet. Divella has a range of bread and cakes, rice, biscuits, mini-cakes, tinned vegetables, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, polenta and cous cous. All products strictly adhere to Divella’s quality and value criteria.

Divella’s presence in Australia has also been long-term. Its Australian subsidiary, Bon Food, is well-recognised for 60 years of servicing Australian consumers through its retail and food service connections. Apart from the wonderful Divella brand, Bon Food is also recognised for its broad product portfolio including San Benedetto mineral waters, Balconi snacks and Bonta coffee, amongst many others.